Will you remember me?

By September 8, 2018 No Comments

The other day a very sure and confident child came and sat next to me on a log.  He must have been around 3 years of age.  He introduced himself to me and told me a little bit about him and what he was doing with his day.  I have never met a child like this, there was something about him that was different.

We chatted for a good few minutes and then he left me.  As he walked off he stopped, turned around and said “will you remember me?”  I was taken back by such question but did answer “yes of course I will”.  I was not lying in my reply.

This got me thinking, how a child at 3 (or roughly 3) has such a strong desire to be remembered.  I found it amazing.  This child will not have had any major input from society that say a child of 10 or 11 has.  I doubt he will have had access to social media which portrays the need for respect and acceptance to be happy.  I think if you have such a strong desire to be remembered at such a young age then potentially this young man may go on to achieve something amazing – there is that need in him.

But here I was with this very small child and he wanted to be remembered.  So maybe, which this child’s desire shows, is that we ALL want to be remembered in some shape or form.  This may be under the surface.

It made me think about my life and I can certainly resonate with my small friend that I do probably want to be remembered, I do want some form of legacy on this earth after my passing.

But even before my passing I do really want some respect and I’m not sure where that comes from, it was never drilled into me from my parents and this desire was around much before social media existed.

However, I must say, the desire to be respected vastly reduces, if not all together disappears, when I am feeling well in myself.  If I feel good about my life and the future then I do not really need much or any external acknowledgement as I know that I am fine no matter what anyone else thinks.  This is common in contented individuals.

What’s funny is when you don’t need such external gratification you tend to get more.  This is the beauty of life.  On the contrary, there is a curse.  When you feel rubbish within yourself you tend to attract more bad stuff and the downward spiral begins and it is so hard to get off it.  At such a time what you really need is everyone around you telling you how great you are or giving you a lot of respect.  Sadly, life doesn’t work like that.

It’s like drinking, if you feel depressed you may think a few glasses of wine will help but then you naturally need more to maintain that feeling.  Then you make up the next morning and feel even worse than you did before you started drinking the night before.  So, then you start drinking again and the downward spiral continues.

That way of living can be so destructive and hard to stop.  You may have seen in one of my previous posts about thoughts.  Whereby – what you put out to the world is what you get back.

Once you are on the upward spiral the world is the most amazing place to be.  The less you need but the more you get.

Finally, I’d like to say thank you to my little friend and yes, I will remember you and so will many people reading this.  Thank you for sitting next to me on that log one September afternoon.