Why are you here?

By March 5, 2019 No Comments

Why are we here?

Well what a truly magnificent question that is.

As I grow and develop it is one I find myself asking but more importantly it is a theme that is repeatedly coming up in the counselling room.

There are many different theories as to what the answer is.  Some find meaning in religion and a god or god figure whilst others believe there is no god and as such there is no real purpose, instead just a great void of nothingness.  But it is within this nothingness that meaning is found.  In the latter view point you can add your own meaning to your life.

For me I like to think of a higher power, some kind of plan – a master plan if you like.  But why?  Well it avoids me having to find meaning in my life.  I simply don’t know what meaning I would insert into the nothingness space.  I like to feel as though I am looked after, that my struggles are for a reason or that they are teaching me something.

If I went through dark times without this comfort blanket I would find life that little bit harder and a little bit more lonely.  When times are very tough the first thing I do is pray to some god like figure.  It is when things are going well that I sometimes forgot to be thankful but as time goes by I do find myself counting my many blessings at an ever increasing rate.

Despite me having faith in something bigger than myself I have to admit that I probably have found meaning in my life irrespective of a god or not.  Like a backup in case my lord fails me – not that I have any doubt he will.  This is a kind of contradiction to my statement in the second paragraph but I left this in as it clearly shows the battle in my mind

I feel my calling is to be in contact with people who are struggling, who have lost their way or who simply are in some form of difficulty.

That purpose is a selfish need.  By me helping people I feel good.  It fills my void, provides a cavity that can go into the nothingness I’ve just talked about.

But what I do, feel or believe has no bearing on you.  I simply have chosen what works best for me and worked on it.  No one can give your life a purpose or mission that has to come from within.  However, working closely with someone in depth can help you discover that for yourself.  I feel finding this purpose it essential for a full and happy life.

When stormy seas arrive, which they often do, we need a good solid anchor to stop us from drifting as when we don’t have those good foundations our lives can become out of control and in that free fall is when your mental health can decline.

So, who are you?  Why are you here?