Summertime Sadness

By September 22, 2018 No Comments

I didn’t actually know Summertime Sadness was a real thing until I just googled it to see what came up, previously I just thought it was a song by Lana Del Rey.  But I’ll give you my take on Summertime Sadness.

I feel an intense pressure to do something good when its sunny, especially when it’s hot and sunny in the summer months.  This could be jobs around the house or going away for the day.  I just really feel I need to make the most of the good weather.

Social media doesn’t help in as much as people are bombarding you with images of their highly wonderful lives.  You can sometimes kind of feel a little left behind.  Well that’s how I felt.

When the weather is just normal i.e. cloudy and cool here in the UK I tend to spend a lot of my time reading and writing.  I rarely do a great deal else, I sometimes go for walks around local parks or reservoirs for example but I’m not one who has a great need to go away or do anything.  That said, I must admit, when the mood takes me I do like to be productive around the house and garden but this isn’t my main focus in life.

But when the summer is here and when it’s a real good one like this year I feel I ‘should’ be doing this or I ‘should’ be doing that – but mostly, I feel the need to be happy.  That’s the crucial part.

Should is such a dangerous word when it comes to how we feel.  The fact that I really just want to settle down with a book on an evening after work didn’t really lend itself to what I ‘should’ be doing.  But where do those ‘shoulds’ originate from?  Well that is a very good question as without the feeling that I ‘should’ be doing something it would lend itself to be a much more relaxed and content summer.

The point is I do love gardening, I do love washing my car and I love being outdoors a lot, that is a fact but I get so overwhelmed with all these jobs that need doing and activities that need completing that I lose all my drive and focus and I simply do nothing which leads my mood going further down.

So, what I actually do in the summer months is less than what I do in other seasons and summer is a time where I feel I should be doing more.  The problem compounds itself.

When I am low in mood (anytime) I have a part of me that says ‘you are lazy’ so when I do less in the summer months it gives evidence to a theory I have of myself.  This makes the problem worse and lowers my mood further.

It’s now September and its 12 degrees today and I feel happier than I’ve felt for a lot of the summer.  I’m far more productive and when I’m not it simply doesn’t matter as there is no pressure to be doing things.

The garden has kind of calmed down for the season although I will need to do some work in it for the winter but I now have the drive and energy to do these things.  And that’s simply because I am not suffering with the pressures of summer.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is commonly associated with winter but I think in my case its far more prevalent in the summer months.

On reflection I did have a great summer but just found it so tiring at times trying to constantly be happy and productive.