Session 2 – Responsibility

By March 11, 2019 No Comments

Today’s session represented good value for money.  Mainly because I left without paying!!!  But on a more serious note I did feel somewhat lighter after my second counselling session.  I may have reported such feelings of lightness after my first session.

I spoke about my professional work where I work as a mental health support worker.  The main things that came out of this session was that I do put an incredible amount of pressure on myself.  So much so that it is not healthy.  My counsellor spoke about the internal pressures and external pressures.  I do put far more personal pressure on myself than is actually externally present.

This was a brilliant breakthrough.  My counsellor is person-centred so she openly admits she does not have the answers but just by airing my concerns I kind of came to some sort of conclusion and in some instances answered my question, other times more questions were asked.  I always practice this approach on placement and tend to be person-centred myself but now I can feel the power of this approach and the value it can bring to the relationship and my clients progression.

As a side line, in my last session at college the lecturer did comment that people don’t always want their problems solving, they just want someone to talk to about them.  That was a powerful insight which he gave me whilst we conducted a skills practice in front of the group.  I spent a lot of the session in class trying to aid my lecturer (who was the client in this scenario) to find some solution when in fact he didn’t really need one.  He just wanted to air his thoughts.

Now people do often come for answers that is true and using the person-centred approach can lead eventually to answers.  If someone comes to their own conclusions they are more likely to stick with those findings.

The responsibility element was mainly what we focussed on today and I found it incredibly powerful.  I have had some pretty serious concerns recently and to talk about them in a space designated for me was empowering.

The counselling hour (50 minutes) went so fast and we even over ran by a few minutes.  Today was the first official session and my counsellor explained the contract to me, the contract was clear and concise and said what it needed to say.

The key thing I will be thinking about in the week leading up to our next session is, am I taking on an unhealthy amount of responsibility for someone?