Never stop digging

By March 9, 2019 No Comments

I’ve posted blogs of similar content in the past but I feel I need to do another one, a more up to date one, after all I am far wiser now ; )

My life’s progression is producing a curve which shows overall positive change.  Like the amount of contentment I feel compared to 12 months ago is overall higher.  But I have had to put in the work, i’ve had to keep digging.

I have talked before about my battles with false memories and elements of Pure-O and they are still around but are far weaker then when they were at the forefront of my life a number of months ago.

The point I want to make is that by suffering with these difficulties I have had to look deep within myself.  Partly in order to convince myself that they’re not true but also to prove to myself that I am a good person.  It’s allowed me to find some meaning in what sometimes can be a meaningless world.

As each false memory comes and goes each time I become stronger and more equipped for the future.  What these episodes have given me are contrast.  Contrast can be such an amazing tool in improving your life.

I’ve been fighting thoughts that make me believe I am an evil person.  As I write this thoughts come into my head saying ‘but you are’.

So when you are dealing with a depression or a time where you are filled with anxiety it is important to accept that it will not last.  It will pass.  With that in mind it’s worth remembering that it will come back at some point – but know that when it does you will be more equipped to deal with it and hopefully reduce its potency.

I have come to a period in my life where I just feel a great sense of thankfulness.  I’m so grateful for my struggle for it has made me who I am today.

I hope that due to my path I can sit and listen with a deeper sense of empathy and try to understand how difficult someone’s situation is for them.  For giving someone that space to speak in a way that is unfiltered can be so helpful for the person who is in difficulty.

You don’t always need someone to fix you.  You may just want someone to hear your story.  That alone can be empowering, that alone can be enough.