MindGym @ GrayDays

By September 6, 2018 No Comments

There is a fair amount of normality about going to a gym to improve one’s physical health –  people change eating habits, routines and take supplements mainly with the aid of improving how one looks physically.

But there is not as much emphasis and acceptance to working your brain out.  This is why I have come up with the MindGym.  If we would give as much emphasis on spending some time on our heads and giving it some exercise then both ourselves and the wider world could significantly benefit.

We all know if you abuse your body by putting in things that are not good for it that it will one day pack up or at least not operate at its optimum.

Just like putting junk food into our bodies creates lethargy so do junk thoughts.  If we are not exercising those negative thoughts that resonate in our brain then we cannot expect our mental health to improve.

This doesn’t always mean a course of therapy.  It could mean just checking in with a friend and telling them some of the things that are on your mind.  There may not be anything major going on in your life but there is always something that needs a little exercise.

With mental health, prevention is the answer and nipping problems in the bud is always beneficial.  You may have left on bad terms with your partner this morning and this may not sit well with you.  If you let this fester then this could grow into something major and simply checking in with a friend would not remedy what has developed within you.

The idea is to just release such thoughts into the atmosphere with the aim of getting them out.  Another way of doing this if you don’t want to incorporate a friend is to write down your worries and see them in real life.  This way they often don’t appear as frightening as they are in one’s mind.

A short while ago I used to check in with my Mum with a ‘Worry of the week’.  This way I could vent what was really bothering me.  During a particular period this was very useful as I was going through a tricky time, over time the need to check in with a weekly worry passed, now it’s more of an ad-hoc worry.  Maybe if I wouldn’t have aired these weekly worries then my mental health could have suffered.

That is an example of how the MindGym worked for me and I’m sure there are many different ways in which it can help you.