Global Pandemic

By September 29, 2020 No Comments

Life as we knew it has very much disappeared since the Corona Virus arrived upon our shores.  There are very few people who have not been affected by the result of Corona.  But it’s very easy to accept defeat and go with the motion that the old world is gone.

To a certain extent the old world has gone and we are now paving our way forward into a new era of consciousness.  This is a time when one chooses to become a victim of world events or make a stand and move forwards.

This isn’t without difficulties I do admit.  I’ve worked throughout Covid and havn’t been impacted too much so it could be argued that it’s easy for me to say.  Would I have this outlook if I was out of work with a family to feed or hadn’t seen family or friends for over six months – probably not.  

In 2012 I had my rights, liberties and freedoms taken away from me by a piece of paper when I was put upon a Section 3 of the Mental Health Act (1983).  This meant I could no longer live in the free world due to the opinions I had and the behaviours I expressed.  Ever since those dark days in Swallownest Court I knew that we are not free.

Now, people are realising this on a global scale.  We live in a free world but we are not free to act and now more than ever people are feeling these harsh realities.  But is taking away someones liberty a bad thing?  For me who spent a large part of 2012 under section I can now say 8 years later that the authorities were right to take away my freedoms.  I think if my behaviour would have continued I would have eventually been killed for the strong views I held.  I am now fully able to enjoy life; this is heavily down to the medication that I now consensually take but what was once forced upon me.

So, what right does central government have in telling us what to do with our lives.  Well for me who doesn’t have strong beliefs on these matters because, simply, I just don’t know what is right and wrong for the people of the world.  I can see both sides of the argument and can fully agree with the points people made to not wear masks for example but then I am taken in by the fear element which then leads me to believe in this loss of liberty is the best thing for the people of the country.

It’s a real hard one and I think having a degree of understanding for all sectors of people is the best way to deal with this ongoing uncertainty because if there is anything lacking in the world at the moment it is compassion for our fellow person, whether they be against a loss of liberty in the hope of reduced infections to the person who things this is a worldwide conspiracy.  All parties deserve the right to express their opinions – obviously legally.

For me lockdown was a time to gather my thoughts and enjoy a simple way of being, one which I was already heavily invested in.  As quoted above, I know I am not a free man but sometimes the ultimate freedom is finding freedom within our captivity.  

But what is this prison?  Well this works as a metaphor on a wide range of levels, I think the main prison we find ourselves is in our mind.  People are so heavily tied up in their thoughts and beliefs.  I for one have been working incredibly hard to free myself from this type of prison as ultimately this is the main area of constraint in our lives that we have the ability to become free from.

Other prisons which we can find ourselves locked in are the prison of consumerism, this basically in the need to work in jobs which we hate to buy things to impress people that we don’t even like.  This whole concept has been put on steroids from the introduction of social media where everyone appears to have all these wonderful things and without them we feel lack.  Ultimately these feelings of inadequacies are thought to be escaped from by buying more things.  People can’t always afford these things and then debt is used to buy these things.  

Sadly this compounds the effect of unhappiness because consumers how now bought a depreciating asset and once the shine has worn off of it and you’ve posted the picture on Instagram you are left with the hangover which in this case it a massive debt problem and then you are in the financial prison which is hard to get out of without a drastic change in spending habits or the ability to increase wages to pay off such debts.

The hope then is that ‘’we won’t do that again’’– but often it is and people are then addicted to buying things to make them feel better and the whole problem compounds itself.

I think for me Lockdown was good in some ways as everyone was doing the same thing, social media was not full of all these ‘things’ that people were buying or doing and this made the comparisons to everyone else life less odious because we were all the same.  But why should we compare ourselves to anyone else?  Well we shouldn’t but for me its kind of hard not too – this is an area I need to work on.

The pandemic did make us all much more equal in so many ways and very wealthy people were also locked down meaning they couldn’t do all of the things they used to love doing. We in theory should have become united as one. 

How people react in this very moment to the world around them will determine where they will be in the future in terms of success.  For me the main success is happiness.  And it’s the choices we all make right now in the middle of this global crisis which will produce the effects for the rest of our lives.