Feel good first

By November 2, 2019 No Comments

Since graduating from my diploma I have found that I can withstand a greater degree of stress and more specifically a higher level of disappointment.  I’m not sure this is fully down to not having the pressures of studying or a new phase in my life.  But the net result is I feel better in myself even despite potentially a greater amount of external pressure and disappointment.

I have been exercising an attitude of gratitude in my life and this may be a big part of my current good mental health.  This feeling of gratitude is not always possible to live by when you are going through a considerable amount of poor mental health but the key is to have feelings of gratitude before things get so bad with the hope that it stops you from falling down a serious hole.

In my past when I have been severely depressed it was almost impossible to be grateful for anything in my life when it was falling apart.  In fact I was angry at the world for leaving me in such a place.

But as I try and navigate myself through life and try and be as content as I can be I find that being grateful has been a blessing that has had such wonderful results. 

They do say that there is always something to be grateful for but when your life is falling apart it is not always that easy.

As a perfectionist I do always want things to be just ‘perfect’ but it never works out that way and now I realise this and accept that things do go wrong. I have found that I am more at ease with such disappointments that almost always come into my life.  To accept something is to reduce the power it carries.  So when you combine allowing for negatives things to happen in your life coupled with feeling the emotion of gratitude this results in a great feeling within oneself.  Well it does with me anyway.

When I am feeling the positive effects of living by these ways I feel I am less shaken by the ffects of others and external events.  I find I am much more content within my core and things that would have previously knocked me over no longer carry that power.

This genuine contentment cannot be obtained by ‘things’ such as possessions, power or substances (alchohol, drugs, etc) and the good feeling tends to hang around for a far greater amount of time and there is no come down.  That’s not to say one will always feel happy but more than you will feel a greater degree of contentment and for a greater amount of time.

When you are happy within I believe that you begin to attract the things in life that I have just said you don’t need.  For example money and possessions.  But it is my belief that you have to have the organic contentment feeling first before the other stuff comes.  So many people try to do this the other way around and end up with all these things they think they need (along with a high amount of potential debt) but with very little contentment. 

The key is have the feelings before the things then the things start to come.

The silver lining is even if the wealth doesn’t come you will still be content and that is far more beneficial for you and the world.