Family Support

Family members often get left behind when their loved one is struggling with their mental health. Unsure how to help, they often feel left in the dark.

I have been a ‘patient’ in the mental health system for over a decade so I know quite well what helps and what doesn’t.

As well as my time as a patient I also have 6 years professional experience working in mental health where I have worked in a mental health unit, supported clients in the community and most recently supported military families in a project funded by the Ministry of Defence.  I also run a small private practice in Sheffield.

I firmly believe that the support someone receives from their family can significantly contribute to better outcomes and a much improved outlook for the person needing help.

Mental health is such a complex matter and can be incredibly overwhelming for a family member wanting to know what to do for the best.  Often mental health issues can seemingly come from nowhere so there is rarely chance to prepare.

My service offers one off sessions or short term work to provide families with a safe space where they can be heard and can talk about what help they may need moving forwards.  If more practical help is desired then this can also be explored and I will endeavour to help the situation where I can.  Every family member who is experiencing poor mental health is different, so there is no exact science to supporting people. However, with the right guidance from the wider family, the family member in need may well feel more supported and this could significantly improve recovery rates and a better long-term outlook.  Sometimes there is little you can do as a family member and just knowing that could help.

My service is also suitable for family members who may not be in the family home for whatever reason.

Sessions can be face to face (either in the family home or in the community), online or by telephone, whichever is most convenient.