By September 11, 2019 No Comments

I believe that when we are stressed or worried we expand our minds.  Not necessarily physically but, potentially, spiritually.

I think this because our thought processes when they are negative allow our minds to hold more things in it, this includes the negative components of our lives.

When we remove these negative elements, we are left with a new void which can in theory be filled with positive things.  Thus, allowing our minds in time to hold more good stuff than would have previously been allowed without the expansion caused by the negative emotions.

I don’t feel this expansion of the mind would be so pronounced if we only experienced positive emotion.

I, by trait am a worrier and often think negatively but each time I overcome such concerns I do feel I have a greater capacity to feel love and warmth in my life.  It’s like I have to go through the difficult times to come out of the other side a better person.  That isn’t new news I must admit but it’s worth pointing out.

It’s more about trying to accept the negative emotions for what they are and to see them as ways of producing new spaces for the new good stuff that will hopefully fill in the gaps.