Does it get any better?

By September 10, 2018 No Comments

Well does it?  That’s a very good question and one if do find myself perusing over ever more frequently.

The fact that I ask such a question, to me, does make me see the distance I have travelled from my troubled years.  The fact I accept that it may not get any better is certainly a good sign of where I am at both emotionally and spiritually.

To me now everything else that happens is just an added bonus, I don’t feel how much else can add to my life.  That said, there are things I long for and things I wish for but honestly, I don’t feel they will make me anymore content.

There is a real difference in my opinion between happiness and contentment which do affect the answer to the question:  Can it get any better?  If I was to win the lottery tomorrow I have to admit that my happiness level would spike and I would be happier.  I don’t feel that would last in the long term for numerous reasons which I may have to go into on a separate entry.

But would the level of my contentment increase as a result of winning the lottery?  Well financial security would increase and that would, I feel, make me more content.  However, that could be achieved by continuing to work and save without such a win needed.

I may have greater choices but do I really need more choices?  I know what I want to do and on the whole I do it, in my opinion there are no other choices I need.

If I was not content then I would be chasing other choices or what could be potentially be viewed as escapism.  But if one builds a lifestyle that suits you then there needs to be no other options.

Don’t get me wrong, new avenues or new adventures are always welcome, even to the contented individual.  One does not need to win millions of pounds from a lottery win though.  Such avenues and adventures are available to most people walking the earth but they may not come in the shape of a luxury long haul holiday.

Chance meetings with strangers or trying something else that’s new can spark of a whole new journey in your life.  The great thing about this is its free, you literally have the whole world at your fingertips and you are all invited.

I feel my lesson in life of recent years, or quite a few years to be honest is patience.  But if you mix hard work and patience together then I feel you are on the crest of great successes.  Patience with no hard work is not much use and hard work with no patience is equally as useless because you’ll work extremely hard for so long then quit.  You might have been one day from that success you were looking for.

That said, I’ve quit so many things in my life and to be honest I don’t regret any of it but that’s easy for me to say because I’m now living a life I really want to live.  It’s like all those no’s lead me to where I am today.  Admittedly, if I was still quitting in life I would be extremely frustrated by now so I know how hard it can be when you are not getting the results you are looking for.

But when your mind is in the right place the right things will find you.

Quitting should not always be viewed as failure because continuing to do something that either you don’t believe in, you’re not happy in or you don’t feel you can do it to the best of your abilities is just as bad as quitting.  Quitting is only another step to where you want to be in life.

So, is this really it?  Well you have to ask yourself this question.  From my point of view, I don’t mind either way.  If it is then I’m pretty cool with that but I’m not going to stop driving forwards and creating a better future for myself and anyone else who wants one.

Who knows where that may take me.  Maybe even to a new level of contentment with a dash of happiness.  But in all seriousness, maintenance is a lot of what I am doing now and is so important in one’s life.

The happier you feel, the less you need but the more you get.