People ask me quite frequently “so what do you do when you are helping someone?”

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It is a very good question and one I can never answer very well, or at least answer in a way that gives credit to the role I have.

But what I really want to say, when giving it some real thought is this;

The helping relationship is whereby a person aims to achieve change or growth or both by working in close relationship with another, one’s actual desire can vary quite considerably but the need for change needs to be present.

Now all that sounds great but how does somebody achieve such goals?

Well that’s where I come into the equation.  Now I am no expert in anything, I don’t have a wealth of knowledge about you, I don’t know how you work and I am certainly no magician.

But over time the relationship will provide the answers you so badly need, maybe not all of them and maybe not as quick as you would hope.  But by and large, with a little patience, progress will be made.

So how do I fit into this?

When people are in the presence of someone who has a truly deep and genuine desire to help they pick up on this.  This cannot be taught and you cannot learn it from a book.

It all comes down to the energy between two people.  If there is a positive energy field between the helper and client then the chances of positive change taking place vastly increase.

My journey has allowed me to access the potential pain that life can provide.  My experiences are by no way in correlation to yours but from my journey I have a strong desire to help others.

You don’t need to see a ‘specialist’ to feel this energy field, it just helps if you seek help from someone who has that genuine desire to really want to make a positive difference to your life.

Couple that with your strong desire for change and results should follow.