Bad leaders are like wrong clocks

By April 2, 2019 No Comments

Here in the UK we moved the clocks forward 1 hour and it made me think about the knock on effect that a prominent wrong clock may have.

If an important clock is wrong, for example one in a public place then this inaccuracy has a knock-on effect to everyone who looks at the clock.  They will plan their whole day based on wrong information.  This could mean they are late, miss a train or arrive somewhere at the wrong time.

In addition to this they may pass on the wrong time to anyone who asks them for the time or they may adjust their clocks at home with a new, wrong time.

Just in the same vein that the leaders who may run our businesses, schools or countries have a great bearing on how people feel and this energy is passed on down the ranks until everyone is affected.  The wrong one at the top throws everything out.

Just like with the clocks, bad habits and poor judgement are passed on to other people and the cycle just keeps on going until the whole population ends up on the wrong page.

Just being a few minutes out can make all of the difference.  Having the wrong attitude at the top can be crucial to prosperity and success.