Thoughts are like Letters

By September 6, 2018 No Comments

I like to write letters but more importantly I like to receive replies.  Not only replies but responses that make me feel good, whether it be emotionally, financially or spiritually.

This made me think about our thoughts, when we have a thought it is broadcast to the universe and ultimately what we receive back depends on the thought we project.

If I was to sit and write a number of horrible letters where I simply put down or belittled the receiver then I would not expect to receive a positive response.  I would not get the right answers from my letters I was writing.

So this made me think about our thoughts, if all the thoughts we have either put our self or anyone else down then we are not going to receive back what we want.  This could be viewed as not living the life we really want to lead or our path not being exciting and fulfilling like it so possibly can be.

I just thought I’d share the link I have recently found between letters and thoughts, I hope you can see the link between the thoughts we send out and the responses we receive back.

If you are not receiving the life you want then change what you are putting out into the world – write a different letter.  You will be amazed by the replies you get.